President Duterte: P50-Million Drug Rehab Facility In La Union Lead by DOH


In this inauguration, President Duterte really knows and obviously cared for his people as he ordered the Department of Health (DOH) to lead this groundbreaking and innovative ceremony held in the province of La Union.The P50-million Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center will provides new facilities that will cater those drug users who surrendered.

On Friday, April 28, 2017 the Department of Health (DOH) officials and the local government units of La Union had attended the event, as Mr. Roger P. Tong-an Under Secretary of the Health Service Development graced this innovative event.The DOH also emphasized the three marching orders of President Duterte 1st is his War on Drugs,2nd is his War on corruption and 3rd is his taking care of the poor.

According to Mr. Tong-an in his speech "Indeed,this alarming phenomenon of exponential rise in the nnumber of drug users who have surrendered is an explicit indication of serious nature and magnitude of the problem on illicit drug use and we need urgent solution to address this problem."

Under secretary Tong-an also added that the Duterte administration has the most power to elliminate illegal drug making the Philippines a drug free nation in collaboration with various government agencies and non-government organizations in generating significant changes and highliting focusing on the main goal.

DOH also laid the Philippine Health Agenda which aims to have one Rehabilitation Center per region and one abuse treatment with DOH as its main way to achieve this.

There are some reports from DOH that there are 13 drug abuse treatment center nationwide and the mega rehabilitation facility is in Nueva Ecija which is for the use of the drug users especially those who dwelled from the northern provinces of La Union, Ilocos Norte and Ilocos sur.


Source: Pinoythinking

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